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Our Destinations 

The fishing season starts in late April in Kettle Point, ON which is located on Southern Lake Huron. Here we fish for the Mighty King (Chinook Salmon), Coho Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout, and Lake Trout. Spring is the best time to fish this area as the water in Huron is still very cold. The southern part of the lake holds the warmest water at this time of year. There is a lot of structure around Kettle Point, this is where the bait fish like to hide and the fish we target will be in there searching for their next meal.


Our spread of rods will have spoons, body baits, and meat rigs on them. Dipsey Divers, lead core lines, jet divers, and 3 down-riggers are used to get our lures to the depth the fish are at. Also, Planer boards are used to get a spread of lures out and away from the boat for those boat shy fish that are in shallow water. 

In mid June the boat moves to Erieau, ON (Central Lake Erie). Here we fish for Walleye and Steelhead (Rainbow Trout). We also get a good catch of Silver Bass, White perch, and of course the famous “Sheepshead”!  Catches of Chinook and Coho Salmon are a possible also. The waters off Erieau are some of the deepest in Lake Erie. It holds the cooler water that fish like to live in when the shallower water gets too warm for them. Millions of Walleye (Pickeral) stage in these waters during July and August. Limits of Walleye can be caught in a couple hours of fishing some days. The steelhead usually set up in big numbers in mid to late August

My typical fishing rod spread of 2 rods per person consists of 2 downrigger rods, 6 Dipsey Divers and 2-5 planer board rods per side. 


Amazing Local Attractions

Erieau is a small town with a lot to offer. Great restaurants, a beautiful beach, camping, and cabins available



Molly & OJ’s



Bayside Brewing Company



The Eau Bouy Grill



Erieau, ON


-Erie-O Motel



-Molly & OJ’s Lake side cabins



-Willow Barrel Retreat



Silver Motel in Blenheim, ON





-Southside Landing Campground and Marina



Bayside Camp


Our Incredible Sponsors

Thank you so much to our amazing sponsors. Please check out their products

Team Canada Pro



Fishing Rods & Reels


Great Lakes Spoons

Spoons (Lures)


Liquid Mayhem

Scents/fish attractants and tackle storage



South Shore Clothing CO. 

Clothing -Sporty Too Merchandise 


Fish Hawk Electronics



Where To Purchase Our Sponsors Products

The Outdoorsman in Sarnia,ON


ERIEAU Marina in Erieau, ON


Eau Bouy Variety in Erieau,ON


Angling Sports in London, ON

Please check out their websites and support these great local companies! 

Our Locations 

R & R Marina, 9346 Lake Road Kettle Point, ON,  N0N 1J0

Southside Landing Campground and Marina, 1540 Robert Rd, Erieau, ON,  N0P 1A0

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